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EBay V. Google For the Heart of the Media Industry

By - May 09, 2006

A nice piece of reporting by Susan K. that I had not heard about: eBay and Google competing to build a media industry-spec’d platform (not AdWords….).

From it:

A consortium of some of the biggest advertisers in the United States has plans to move the ad industry out the era of the cattle exchange and into the internet age. They’re looking for someone to build an ADSDAQ — an online exchange similar to the NASDAQ where advertisers and media owners can trade.

Google and eBay are the front runners right now — and eBay has the edge. At stake is a cut of the $800 billion total advertising market. Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently boasted that he expects to get his fingers in every piece of it.

Today, at a conference of the Association of National Advertisers, this group, led by Julie Roehm of Wal-Mart, asked ANA members to put up $50 million to test a trading system for traditional media.

Howard Rosenberg, director of trading platforms for eBay, was on hand to demonstrate such a system that eBay has ready to go.

As far as I can tell, Google’s approach is to extend AdWords into other media (image/cpm, video ads, etc.) but eBay would build this to the spec of the media industry, and for them. More of a “pure play” is how one source put it. Innaresting.

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11 thoughts on “EBay V. Google For the Heart of the Media Industry

  1. King Troll says:

    FIRST Niggaaasss!

    Henry doesn’t update his board like you do. You are my new morning reading blog bro.

  2. King Troll says:

    Hey bro, you know what I fUcking HATE about Business 2.0. I hate the 15 page add from that hosting company OneandOne. I hate looking at their ugly CEO’s mug. I hate their fake pictures and b.s. stats. I hate the fact it takes up half the magazine. I finish the entire fucking magazine in 2 bathroom sittings. 2 Sittings bro. It should take at least 4-5 sittings.

    I probably will not be subsribing to it again because I laso noticed it’s available online for FREE. Also, I think I will be using the Omni Gym’s code to get all the magazines online.

    I am willing to stay a business 2.0 member if you guys begin to transition away from the 15 page ad spread from 1and1.

  3. Wow. If advertising bidding becomes continuous, will “sweeps” dissapear? Or will the entire year of TV be a sweeps period – filled with stunts and guest stars?

    If a keywords type strategy is used, I could imagine shows about mesolithioma appearing on the fall schedule. Or at least House will end up treating someone with it. 🙂

  4. King Troll says:

    Hey bros, should I negotitate this ads further? What do you think? Is it a good deal or am I getting ripped off?

    This is every other week for 5 weeks. Every week is the same a sthe one shown with the total off all on the bottom:

  5. Wow, Ebay and Google in a steel cage match, Id pay to see that….

  6. matthew yorke says:

    Interesting story regarding ebay and google. I run corp sales for a large media company and absolutely believe that a large percentage of our business will be traded on such a platform. Think about it, most media planner /buyer conversations today revolve around a CPM analysis and whether your brands are in or out of delta ( the worst part of this job is dealing with that particular phrase!) So manually so much media is currently planned in this format, the next step is to automate it. I still believe that this will not account for the entire budget, rather the bread and butter of pages and impressions. Clients will still want to deal with smart sales people ( for sure there will be less of them) who can find ways to build programs that cut through the clutter etc….but in the end..we are not far away from either an ASDAQ platform or a series of smaller proprietary trading platforms.

  7. Errol says:

    I see that there a some brain dead individuals out there still. Can’t believe someone has nothing better to do with their time than trying to offend and deface other peoples hard work.

  8. King Troll says:

    Hey bro, check out Google Co-op. Its like user created content pages!

    No, I dont sleep.

  9. Keith Cash says:

    Nice Post.

    Will this mean that ad rates will go down in cost and products will become cheaper??.

  10. SorenG says:

    John, in terms of the spam above, can’t you for now limit posts to say 750 characters, and more than one post day goes to a review section to get an Ok before it is up?