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10 thoughts on “Yahoo Says: Map This

  1. Vijay SRD says:

    not even a competition. Google is global. Yahoo didn’t have same data for Bangalore.

  2. dan levine says:

    The Google Maps image for the Standard Hotel zooms to a 2.5 block radius. The Yahoo Maps image you link to zooms to a 9 block radius. (Both based on my monitor resolution)

    Seems like Yahoo’s claim is false.

  3. Chetan says:

    Impressive. They have taken the macroemdia route. But not many cell phones are Macroemdia enabled. Check out the list here.

  4. Brent says:

    I compared 2 places, and Google won both times.

    Zanker @ Tasman : San Jose – Google’s color is brighter and it’s quality is much better, Yahoo’s is grainy

    Long Lane, MO (65590) – the address I fed to Yahoo was off by about a half of a mile, Google’s was dead on (color and quality are the same results as before), I also had a better zoom level with Google

  5. also, doesn’t seem to be working for London (UK)…

  6. Hey all,

    Just to clarify. You can take a look at the for what we said. Basically what we’re doing is getting out the gate in our beta with some very strong imagery coverage across the lower 48 US, working on trying to blend it nicely for the presentation to our users, and get an international map layer to match the international imagery layer. We know we don’t match the zoom levels out there in certain locations.

    I think this gives us a great start, and from here we have a platform and base layer in to which we will start piling in a bunch of much higher resolution US markets, as well as a pretty substantial number of international market inlays. This data is already committed, so please continue to check us out as we regularly update the beta.



    Michael Lawless
    Product Manager: Yahoo! Maps

  7. I did not see that much difference in the photo quality from what I get out of Google Earth. I’m sure there is, I just did not see it as enough of a difference to make me use Yahoo instead of Google.

    When a technology improves it just raises the bar a little – next thing you know it Google will enhance their satellite photos to be as good as, or better than Yahoo.

    Technology changes ought to be accessed diffferently than usability changes. Did the improved resolution of Yahoo Local Maps make it more likely that I’ll use it? Is there any actual improvement I get by using it? Probably not.

  8. Adam Sharp says:

    I like it, might be my new tool of choice. The small map overlaying the satellite picture is a nice touch.

    It doesn’t zoom quite as much as Google, but I like something about Yahoo’s picture better (contrast, maybe?).

  9. jr conlin says:

    By the way all, if you don’t like the default flash map, there’s nothing stopping you from using the ajax one, or even rolling your own with mousewheel support. (

    And yeah, this is a REAL beta. That means that there’s stuff that’s not rolled out yet, broken and otherwise not perfect. That’s why they’re looking for your feedback:

  10. Keith Cash says:

    I just wish that yahoo could give me the exact directions to get to some place for once!