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Yahoo Research Video Mashup Tool

By - April 21, 2006

Video Remix YahooNow, this is what I’m talkin’ about! From the Yahoo Blog:

As those in the Bay Area may know, today marks the beginning of the 49th annual San Francisco International Film Festival, which shines a spotlight on great independent film projects from all over the world.

This year is a special one for us because the Festival features a web-based video remixer prototype created by Yahoo! Research Berkeley, in partnership with San Francisco Film Society and San Francisco State University Institute for Next Generation Internet.

So, what is this thing? International Remix enables you to create your very own movie mashups. Go crazy with creativity and re-edit, remix and mash-up film selections from this year’s festival into 1-minute remixes. You can then post your remixes to the site gallery for others to view and enjoy.

It ain’t exactly setting Bugs free, nor is is Mr. Murdoch giving away his video on the web….yet. But it’s a start.

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One thought on “Yahoo Research Video Mashup Tool

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