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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Engine?

By - April 14, 2006


Not I, sez Mr. Parsons. An interesting AdAge article. From it:

The Time Warner chief said the two search-engine giants are overturning the old realities of advertising and media and are “very good for the content side of our business because they provide new ways to reach more people with more content.”

“I think they present an interesting challenge to the distribution side of our business — the cable side of our business,” he said. “But that challenge is not imminent and I see ways that the two can actually work together to provide consumers with an enhanced set of offerings that can cross-promote each other.”

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One thought on “Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Engine?

  1. Perhaps by that remark, he meant that he anticipates Google Yahoo and MSN going into the PC-TV field.

    By the end of the decade – it may be possible to do EVERYTHING from a PC – and having an additional TV may just be for a Hi-def large Screen family entertainment room.

    A 17 inch sceen is perfectly ample for private TV viewing or casual viewing, and if broadband keeps accelerating – people may start streaming, or downloading from offerings on Google Yahoo MSN or YouTube – perhaps to take a break, while they are working at their PC. Or – in the case of extreme processing power and memory – Chating, or VOIP or Video Conferencing with friends world wide while they are ALL viewing the same programs :LOL