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Welcome, Melanie!

By - April 21, 2006

Melanie-1Those of you who enjoy my hand wringing about Searchblog’s future will no doubt recall when I posted a job listing for an editorial assistant to Searchblog. I was happily inundated with responses to that call, with folks from all backgrounds contacting me, from PhDs in literature to Masters in Information Sciences, from established journalists to kids still in college.

Deciding on the right fit took a long time, and was further complicated by the fact that the job will split duties with FM – this person needs to not only help make Searchblog better, but also needs to help other authors in the FM network as well.

Well, it’s taken some time, but I’m pleased to announce that Melanie Colburn has joined the team this week. Melanie comes to us most recently from Google, where she had been working as a contractor. Yup, I’m pleased to say I stole her away from the very company I cover so closely, but not to worry – Melanie refuses to even whisper anything about her role there – and it’s that kind of integrity that drew me to her.

Melanie is a Berkeley grad (I’ll admit a slight bias!) and has done a lot of work at various publications and student and activist organizations (here’s her personal site). She’s already helping me in numerous ways, including preparing interviews for publication and grokking the enormous influx of news coming in each day. As time goes by, expect to see a lot of improvements around here, thanks to Melanie. Welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome, Melanie!

  1. Anthony Pell says:

    Not for public circulation, please. Trying to get email address for Mr. Battelle, with whom I spoke last week, to send some material to him. Thank you. Tony Pell, GHIF

  2. Peter says:

    Yay Melanie! Damn you John, one fewer interesting person for me to talk to on the way to work!

  3. SorenG says:

    Must be hard to give up those Google free lunches . . .

  4. Kevin Jones says:

    John, this is a name from the past; I had net market makers when you had the Standard. I’m in the market for a journalism intern immediately on a market formation project we are building. Hope this comments gets your attention, even though the post is two weeks old.