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The Melanie Round Up

By - April 25, 2006

Melanie has been hard at work poring through feeds, looking for items of interest. She’s already got a bunch of great stuff, and as I’ve been behind, here are some highlights of stories from the past two days:

Adsense is allowing text links for referrals. And Matt is coy about using Toolbar data for search relevance. As I wrote in the book, I think clickstreams could be the next step in relevance.

A major new grassroots net neutrality campaign. Om says it’s missing some angles.

How much do you Google? This is getting a lot of attention.

Yahoo is catching up in clickthroughs

Sphere is launching. I can’t wait to use it. But the site is not open…yet…

Yahoo makes Meedio free. Talk about a TV mashup….

More to come….

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