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The Long Tail

By - April 20, 2006

LongtailChris’ cover is done. Congrats (and it’s quite something how those NY publishers will push Google onto the cover, eh buddy?! Awfully nice quote from Eric!)

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3 thoughts on “The Long Tail

  1. I think I pre-ordered this book; spoken and though about the Long Tail of Search for several months. I noticed the “Long Tail” used for Reprise Media’s search approach and then I observed it while looking at the non-profit organization called, whose site I’ve worked to optimize.

    The other day I had met with Juan Enriquez, author of The Untied States of America and when we spoke about his potential searches and podcasts, I mentioned that many searches on the materials in his book would be part of the “Long Tail” two or three searches on obsurce keywords like “editorials on Gun Control” …. only a couple of people will search for something like this…yet in aggregate – such posts can amount to a great deal of traffic (if you can get your content to show up).

    So…I’m very aware of the Long Tail and looking forward to how the book will treat that material …and I think I found out about from John Batelle, a couple of months back.

  2. Daniel Carter says:

    Congratulations to Chris on the new book. Great news. But the design… well, the publisher kind of shafted him on this one. Two confusing marketing-speak subheads (“The Search” only has one really, really long subhead… and it actually makes sense), sloppy typography, a startlingly cliche’ image. Luckily the audience for this book is much more interested in the author and his writing. He just deserved a better design, darnit.

  3. Kvisoft says:

    It’s unimaginable I can see posts before 5 years.