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The Intention Cloud

By - April 27, 2006

How cool is it that some smart geeks hacked up an application inspired by the Database of Intentions framework of The Search? Check out The Intention Cloud. From the About section:

The Cloud is the result of a mashup between the concept of ‘Database Of Intention’ and ‘Tag Clouds’ visualization. The current live engine of the Intention Cloud is collecting data from the Google Suggest service, but will be extended in the future to integrate other databases of intention.

Intent Cloud

Here’s the cloud for “we want“….

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5 thoughts on “The Intention Cloud

  1. Jared Lansky says:


  2. Vikrame says:

    Could some one explain me whats the use of this site intention cloud??

  3. Nick Pang says:

    A tag cloud that is more practical for consumers looking to buy or sell items on auction sites like eBay – AuctionCloud

    Mashup with PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, eBay API, etc.

  4. Norbert Sponge says:

    I eat badger poo!

  5. i could not understant what is about this web site too ????