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The Best of 25 Tech Voices In One Feed

By - April 04, 2006

Fm TechCaveat: Totally self serving FM-related promotion ahead….

If you wished someone would help you edit down the best of the best voices in technology blogs, look no further than Federated/Tech, the “metablog” FM recently launched. Check it out here – editor Bill Brazell reads all our authors’ feeds and selects a mix of posts each morning for your perusal. He then updates the site throughout the day. I’ve added its feed to my feedreader, I find it indispensible. Another cool feature is the ability to pick dates to see the front page on any given day, a sort of growing daily archive of what’s up in the technology world (the date picker is on the left, below the fold). Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “The Best of 25 Tech Voices In One Feed

  1. dataguy says:

    Thanks for generating the tech focused site – looks like it could be useful. Reminds be a little of this site:

  2. Sean Garrett says:

    Thanks. Just subscribed. Yet, while useful and appreciated, services like this make me worry even more about growing echoes in the feedback loop between the so-called “A-list” bloggers that, ironically, tastes more like pack journalism than “stand-alone” original thinking.

    This is an issue not unique to those covering technology. You see the same thing from baseball or music bloggers, for instance.

    The cream does rise to the top better in the blogosphere. And, this site shows a continued strong strain of original thinking that makes me come back to it every day.

    However, as you bounce from “hat tip” to “hat tip” from blog to blog and find yourself at the same place you started, are things getting just a wee bit too chummy?

  3. Joe Hunkins says:

    OK, I like the collection which appears “good”. But it’s not the *best* collection of posts because it only reflects those in the Federated stable – a small fraction of intelligent commentary.

    I’d be hypocritical to blame you for compromising online quality in favor of business but when does this cross the line? If you only quoted people in “The Search” with whom you did business even you’d agree you should be flogged.

    One’s attention only spans a tiny fraction of total content. As you, (TechCrunch’s) Arrington, and all of us choose to read and post more about our internet home boys than those with whom we have no association then how narrow and commercial is this all going to get?

    Isn’t blogging supposed to destabilize rather than enforce this narrowing focus of our limited attention?

  4. This is a helpful resource 🙂
    – one puzzle – the column that’s titled “GREATEST HITS” – is that based on some kind on ranking – or just a tagline?

  5. What I would *really* like – an interface, simple as blogger, to merge multiple blogs on one page, with a hierarchy based on importance (or tag clouds?) and, most importantly, editorial decisions.

    Just like you did on the FM site.

    Companies with multiple bloggers (Google, Sun, O’Reilly) need this too – a place to get ALL the news about the company, all the THOUGHT from the company in one portal-type organization.

    And then they need to hire editors-in-chief to keep the ball rolling and the posts interesting.

    So howsabout licensing (or open sourcing) the FM CMS? Please? 🙂

  6. Rick says:

    It would be nice to have a field in the Feed display which site it’s coming from… only clue is to mouseover the link and see what URL shows up.

  7. Is it just me or is there no place to see just a list of the blogs that contribute to the feed? You say 25 voices, but I really don’t see 25 represented anywhere. I keep thinking it must be there, but I can’t find it.

  8. Rick, Elisa, all: Great input, and we’re going to be making changes based on it. Thanks. As for where ALL the voices are, check out
    – John