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Interesting New Google Results Test

By - April 19, 2006

Check this out. Thanks, reader Doug.


“Search this site” is integrated into the results, allowing a searcher to drill down into a particular site, right there in the SERPs. Interesting.

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5 thoughts on “Interesting New Google Results Test

  1. john says:

    a user suggested a feature similar to this on Matt Cutts’s blog about a month ago:

  2. TJ says:

    It looks just like search results on Since when did Google started to copy Microsoft?

  3. Also, what is an interesting touch is the triangle “Bullets” on SOME of the listings on that screenshot.

    Those SERPs displayed on that screenshot may be personalized – or – from an abberant DataCenter…Because on ONE Listing is showing up on the SERPs for the term “Warming”

  4. alberto666 says:

    Is this making Google more complex?

    Anyway, I think is good for Google never stop improving…, that’s one of it best.

  5. Too bad I can’t see those same results – I tried to run “warning” in my browser at the Boston Hotel I’m staying at, but it doesn not give me anything different than ususal.