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China Rediscovers Porn, Bans It

By - April 25, 2006

When you’re a totalitarian state with control over the entire Internet, and you decide to ban porn, you can actually do it. From a Times Online report:

Beijing has declared war on the wave of “unhealthy” internet content it says is engulfing the nation’s cyberspace, amid fears China’s young are being corrupted en masse by an influx of online sex and violence.

The nation’s leading news sites and internet portals have vowed to adhere to a strict programme of “self-censorship” to support the “Eight Honours and Disgraces”, a new doctrine of “socialist morality” recently laid out by Hu Jintao, the Chinese President. …

….The West’s leading internet players, – Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and eBay – have all been caught in the resulting controversy.

But the lure of China’s prospects has offset fears of negative reactions from their domestic markets. Last week, Bill Gates, the Microsoft chairman and founder, hosted Mr Hu at a dinner during the politician’s visit to America.

Eric Schmidt, the Google chief executive, used the recent relaunch of the company’s brand in China to reaffirm his commitment to the territory and made it clear that Google has no intention of confronting China’s ruling Communist Party over online restrictions.

Well, they’re learning from the best, aren’t they?

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3 thoughts on “China Rediscovers Porn, Bans It

  1. Zēvalth says:

    Я ненавижу вас, вас буду моим самым плохим противником, вами пойду к аду:)

  2. Time for change says:

    Adult sites were allowed to trash my business in the UK. They used my Trademark name which is related to children’s stories and products, which resulted in all my work being blocked by Net Nanny etc. I was told by Police and the Trademark association there was nothing I could do about it. The News of the World said so what, not interested. I want change in the UK. Our children and women are being brainwashed by a society that is not healthy and has no morals. Our children are growing up and acting like hookers instead of respected young women. They go out in next to nothing and end up pregnant. The poor child is then made to suffer, is left outside a nightclub while Mummy tries to pull another man. This is not the sort of world I want my child to grow up in. It is possible for change if only we try. British men have no respect for women and children because of these adult sites. And women have no respect for themselves because they feel the only way to get a man is to dress like a tramp.

  3. Blupe says:

    I think the Chinese are the few races who generally have people’s best interests at heart. Where health is concerned at least. Maybe not always ethically however.