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6 thoughts on “When A Visual Search Engine Is No Longer "Proof of Concept…"

  1. Well, I have to admit, this search engine is interesting. I like the photos as I have spent a lot of time, on and off, around the World Trade Center, though much less after 9/11.

    I wonder how this search engine works – does it use the tagging and metadata in the source code?

  2. tiltomo says:

    In answer to how Tiltomo works?… Our Visual Search calculates separately both Color & Texture in varying amounts to determine what we call “Visually Similar”. “Visually Similar” can be very subjective. For this reason we have two Visual Search modes. The first is “100% Color / Texture”; this matches images that are “similar” in terms of only Color / Texture. Our second mode “Theme” uses Color / Texture and also takes Visual Context into consideration. This mode is most likely to match images that have a Visual / Contextual relationship.

    Soon we will add a slider that allows the user to change the balance between Color / Texture & Context.

  3. The slider sounds cool. Will it filter results on the fly, or tune the search query prior to it’s completion?

  4. Till says:

    you coul also try cortina, visual search, we did that in 2003

  5. Pat says:

    Maybe Cortina would be cool too, if it returned any results at all.

    I received this message 3 consecutive times from Cortina searches:
    “Results 0 to 12 of about 0 Search took 0.041 seconds”

  6. tiltomo says:

    The slider will reprocess the results on the fly. Drop me an email and I can give you pre-beta access.