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By - March 28, 2006


From a Bear Stearns report on comScore data, Google continues to gain ground in search share in the US. Given all that’s going on in search and related media, that’s impressive. From the report, which was emailed to me:

Google now has a 42.3% share of the domestic search market (the highest since comScore starting tracking market share data), up from 41.4% in Jan 06 and 39.8% in 4Q 05.

…Yahoo’s share dropped 110 bps to 27.6%, MSN share dropped 20 bps to 13.5% while AOL’s share increased slightly to 8.0% from 7.9% in Jan 06. Ask market share rose to 6.0% from 5.6% in Jan 06. The marketing push behind the Ask brand likely contributed to its share gains.

Year-over-year, Google and Ask showed strong search query gain of 29.4% and 27.9%, respectively, while the other search providers in the top five declined. On a sequential basis, Google and Ask also showed the highest growth at 8.3% and 14.6% respectively.

While Google’s unique searcher market share remains flat at 59.1% level from Jan. 06 (Yahoo and MSN both declined in this metric), searches per search increased to 29 from 27 in Jan. 06 and from 26 in 4Q 05.

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12 thoughts on “Search Share

  1. Dave Stewart says:

    Presumably those are typos and Jan/Feb are 06 not 05?

  2. Andi says:

    Bear Stearns confirms what I’ve been seeing. Yahoo! appears to be in a complete meltdown, hand patching broken indices.

    MSN search seemed to be improving but maybe this recent Vista debacle is spreading–a very weird vibe is coming out of Redmond these days…

    This time Google is winning by default, but a win is still a win.

  3. Interesting…. I guess the power of branding does strengthen search… Ask’s TV commercials are paying off… way to go Barry!

  4. andreas says:

    Google has 42% and Yahoo has 27.6%? More important is the facts on the ground; we use analytics for our several dozen PPC clients: Google has an overwhelming share of the search traffic. Generally, it’s 80-90%. Yahoo traffic is insignificant.

  5. Google is pulling ahead, taking more marketshare from every other major player. For many people, including myself, Google has become the same thing as “search”. When the other brands of search (ie: Yahoo, MSN, etc) try to improve in search, they end up becoming more like Google – but they’re not Google, so in the end, no one can pull ahead of Google while they’re trying to be like Google.

  6. Patrick says:

    Is that report available to the public online?

  7. Todd says:

    Anyone else think Ask will go to 8%+ share within a year?

  8. calmlife says:

    They feel too strong, the study

  9. Ayman S says:

    And elsewhere in the world a blogger working/killing time at Yahoo is telling people on how to read the numbers. Good grief! Obvious reference to Amr Awadallah

  10. HitLinks Search Engine Total Market Share for March 2006

    Google 48.62%
    Yahoo! Web Sites 12.77%
    Google U.K. 9.54%
    MSN 8.66%
    Google Canada 3.24%
    Google AdSense for Content 3.09%
    AOL 1.32%
    Ask Jeeves 1.19%
    MSN U.K. 1.10%
    Yahoo! Web Sites U.K. 1.02%
    Google Germany 0.93%
    AOL U.K. 0.78%
    Dogpile 0.64%

    AltaVista 0.26%


  11. Brandon Byers says:

    What’s the scope of the data? Is this US-only traffic, or worldwide?