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Neil and MSN Clarify

By - March 03, 2006

Neil Holloway’s comments on MSN and Google (reported here) got a lot of response around the web, so much so that Neil has taken the time to clarify his thoughts here in comments, and MSN has also clarified on its blog. Often quotes are taken out of context, and I’m certainly willing to take his clarification at face value. In fact, I’ve invited him to do an interview on Searchblog, if he’s game.

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2 thoughts on “Neil and MSN Clarify


    Type that in and see what will debut in the future

    They all appear to copy one another to the 9th degree

    So, this is where some of their artillery will lay

  2. Andrew says:

    Funny how things change, Mr Holloway?

    “It is clear that the online advertising and the click-through model alone won’t generate enough revenues. We will build extra services into MSN and start monetising this within a year.” said Mr Holloway.