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  • DavidZHawk

    In other news . . . someone at Google sneezed! Quick, we need a ClickZ article right away!

  • Webmetricsguru

    I like the Google Mars Map – pretty cool.

    I used to go to MARS 2112 in NYC when it first opened up in 2000, now it’s kinda old hat (the spaceship ride is not that good after you’ve ridden it more than 3 or 4 times and they never updated it).

    I wonder if there is a Venus Map, Mercury Map, etc?

  • Oliver Morton

    You have no soul, John. [Oliver enters into lengthy "Extending the world of human experience to a second planet" riff; details omitted to spare the faint hearted...]

    Venus would be doable, but dull — it’s just nothing like as fun a planet, and there’s really only one sort of good data (radar) rather than many, as on Mars. For Mercury we don’t have a full planet map yet, though MESSENGER should provide one as and when…

  • John Battelle

    Ah, Oliver. Before I so crassly posted on Google Mars, I should have thought of you….Allow me to clarify. I think this is wonderful, but I also think Google’s infrastructure might better be used getting, say, Google Analytics to full capacity at this point….

  • Oliver Morton

    I take it all back — what greater proof of your soulfulness than a passion for Google analytics :-)

  • Search Engines Web

    Google just acquired Sketch Up

    The 3D image maker can be imported into Google Earth

  • Brent Franson

    Google Mars is useless and pointless. I can’t imagine how I would possibly use this to my advantage. It is interesting to look for a minute or two but it grows old very quickly. Seems like a waste of time.