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Hump Day Roundup

By - March 08, 2006

At etech today. It’s so fun to be here listening to smart folks building the web’s future. Much is afoot in the search world, some of it launching here….

MSFT has launched Windows Live Search (SEW). More on this later. And Ray Ozzie has folks thinking with his idea of live cut and paste across the web. Anil has more.

Gary has a roundup of search, advertising, and personalization related GYM patents.

Tom wonders why The Search isn’t in Google Book Search, and discovers why.

Yahoo launches commercial shopping APIs and a new Product Search, Photos, and Calendars APIs.

Scaling problems?

Blinkx launches pico, the “smallest search engine in the world.”

Google tests search by date and calendar.

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3 thoughts on “Hump Day Roundup

  1. DateRange was implemented a couple of years ago as a search option in the Advanced Search Options

    The options were pages updated in the last 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

  2. Has anyone noticed that Live Search has no advanced search? It’s just embarrasing the claims Microsoft has made on their new search tool, when it lacks such basic functionality.

  3. xenoar says:

    Live Search Beta still has no advanced search as a basic functionality.