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Cloudy Vista, and More News of Note

By - March 22, 2006

Everyone knows by now that MSFT has delayed Vista (I can only imagine the glee at the ‘plex). But there’s much more afoot lately, and since I’ve been running around having meetings all day in NY, I’m not posting about it as much as I’d like. The stuff I find notable:

Tim interviewed Bill Gates on Monday at Mix06. His questions are here, webcast here. The interesting thing is that Tim even got the chance to do this, given what an open source and web2 advocate he is. Cool.

Tempest in teapot about Blogger banning MSN Search bars turns out to be false.

Google does a deal with Nike for a soccer social networking site called Come on. Let’s have a debate about whether Google is in the publishing business….

Philipp notices what folks are doing with “Google Page Creator.” Sigh. Tragedy of the commons.

Xeni notes the wonderful world of the DOJ w/r/t teabagging and Google.

Claria is “exiting the adware business by Q2.”

Podzinger (podcast search) has launched.

Google appears to be testing an interesting new approach to SERP layout in Italy, more here.

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9 thoughts on “Cloudy Vista, and More News of Note

  1. Great to keep us abreast of the latest news – familar with most of the stories but the one with the new search layout in Italian – I was unfamilar with.

    Kinda wonder…why is Google testing a this feature in Italy? Why not here?

  2. According to, Microsoft shares fell 69 cents to $27.05 after the Windows Vista delay news ….

  3. Internet retailers must be shuddering if they were relying on new sales from Windows Vista.

  4. jonathan says:

    Is google reader down for anyone else?

    I’ve been getting 502 and 503 errors for the past 10 minutes…

  5. adam says:

    does anyone actually use google reader??

  6. Markus says:

    John I think you are wrong, This is going to cause google some serious grief now in the quarter that vista launches.

    If you look at other search engines like ask jeeves, they are earning a good 30%+ of their revenues from toolbar searches. Google is trying really really hard to get the distrubition of its toolbar up. If they have 30 to 50 million installs by the time vista launches they are going to lose millions of search users that don’t resinstall the toolbar.

  7. Brandon Byers says:

    I’ve also seen the new SERP layout you mention. For some reason, I only see it when I’m at home, on my Macintosh (G3 PowerBook, Lombard). At work, on my XP & Linux machines, I rarely see it.

    Not sure why.

    See Google Blogoscoped post from January 26:

  8. audibletype says:

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