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Turn's Been Outed

By - February 06, 2006

I met with the CEO of a couple of weeks ago, but on the downlow – it wasn’t ready for public consumption quite yet. Why? Well, it’s a rather audacious startup – Jim Barnett, former head of AltaVista, is running it, and it’s got some heavy backing. The plan? To compete directly with AdSense. How? We’ll seen soon enough, Jim tells me. BizWeek’s blog has outed the new company, however, so now you know as well….

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4 thoughts on “Turn's Been Outed

  1. Karen Miller says:

    You might also wish to check out Advolution (“the benefits of pay-per-click… without the actual pay-per-click”)

  2. SorenG says:

    I think I will have to wait for more specifics to really understand their approach.

  3. gregbo says:

    Jim Nail rocks.

  4. panda says:

    I just signed up to advertise directly through Turn. Took me 4.5 minutes (But I had existing ads to upload). As a point of comparison, it took me over 50 minutes to sign up to AdSense some months ago (mainly due to my confusion about how to select keywords and going through their suggestions). I’m hoping to obtain another point of comparison within a few weeks. AdSense ate up my entire initial budget within a week and I’m not even sure if the sales that resulted in that period can be attributed to it. Will be interesting to see how much I have to pay Turn if and when…