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The Week That Was, and Monday Catch Up

By - February 27, 2006

Lots of stuff I missed, lots going on. To wit:

Google Base has gone (Techcrunch) commercial (GoogleBase blog). Not unexpected. But an important step.

The Google Page Creator. Just a doodle, I’m sure…

The Journal has a free link on its curtain raiser for Google’s analyst day this Thursday. From it: Google’s annual analysts’ day is shaping up as a test of the company’s reluctance to provide financial guidance — and of investors’ tolerance of that tight-lipped approach.

Yahoo is going to stop allowing competitors to bid (SEW) on trademarked terms. This is clearly a differentiation play from Google.

More rumors, here and here, about Google Finance.

A fascinating Googler’s blog here (hat tip to Threadwatch). We were debating whether or not to do a swapping of information with the group and give them some info on how things work at Google, as an exchange for answering our questions. We had decided against it, until the participants came in and sat down, at which point it became clear that a two-way exchange was preferable. I wrote up 3 slides in sixty seconds and delivered an impromptu 5-minute speech.

Gotta run…more coming….

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