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The Day's News

By - February 07, 2006

Links I could not get to today…

Gravee launches. Model includes paying content providers a share of CPC revs, as well as an affiliate play. I have not grokked….

Google launches integrated Gmail/GTalk.

Ford’s Kermit Superbowl ad was cute, but GM bought the keyword and profited from Ford’s investment.

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4 thoughts on “The Day's News

  1. Paul D says:

    Are Gravee and Wink related? Amusingly, both call their backing technologies “TagRank(tm)”

  2. mynewsbot says:

    Gravee, Interesting concept

  3. Brian says:

    John, I was wondering if you had written about the print ads auction. I noticed the deadline was coming up soon, but I haven’t heard much about it lately even though I frequent many Google related blogs.

  4. Ford says:

    looks like some other advertisers are catching on to kermit…

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