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Technorati, New State O' Blogosphere and "Filter by Authority"

By - February 14, 2006

Dave’s post here is fascinating, from it:

Given that there’s a lot of interesting topical posts by influential or authoritative bloggers in those topic areas, we formulated an idea: Why not use these authoritative bloggers as a new kind of editorial board? Watch what they do, what they post about, and what they link to as input to a new kind of display – a piece of media that showed you the most interesting posts and conversations that related to a topic area, like food, or technology, or politics, or PR. The idea is to use the bloggers that know the most about an area or topic to help spot the interesting trends that may never hit the “A-list”. We call this new section Explore, and we’ve seeded it with some of the most interesting topics that we could find. But one of the nice things about Explore is that there are no gatekeepers, and that anyone who writes interesting topical blog posts can get included simply by tagging his blog and tagging his posts.

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5 thoughts on “Technorati, New State O' Blogosphere and "Filter by Authority"

  1. What a great idea.

    — Stuart

  2. I tried to sign my blog up but when I put in my MT login it did not take it. I also have a blog where I can not edit the template for the time being as it’s provided to me.

    Will just have to wait until I figure out another way. Wish they’d find a way to represent the activity graphically.

  3. Chris Heuer says:

    Strange how all over the blogosphere most people are slamming this feature, but on Dave’s post people are gushing over it. I agree with OM on this point. It does not work as promoted, is counter to his stated intention of ‘the magic middle’ and has little to do with authority.

    That said, I still respect the rest of the ‘state of the blogosphere’ report as it is indeed insightful – shame that it was coupled with this new feature.

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  5. TagMan says:

    I posted some thoughts about Technorati Explore when it launched. It’s a strange hybrid between their existing Tags and Blog Finder sections. To be included in the Explore section, it’s important to tag your blog (not just your blog posts) effectively.