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More Catching Up

By - February 27, 2006

TechCrunch covers the launch of Edgeio, which is the creation of one of folks behind TechCrunch (Mike Arrington) among others. The service is a neat idea – you can tag your posts “listings” and edgeio finds your tagged posts and slurps them into a listings metaservice/site. It’s a platform which just might disrupt the directory driven services like eBay and craigslist.

If you like Malcolm Gladwells’s stuff, he’s finally got a blog.

Jeremy agrees with Dion, all your data belongs to you.

Google names a director of its foundation and plans to digitize the National Archives’ video collection, and Om has a bit more on Google Calendar.

Skrenta reminds us that search CPMs are much higher. yes, because in the end, most folks want to find…and then they do, that becomes a chance to search again, and so on…the point of intent drives many more pages of content, and I’d wager that the ratio is equal, if you add up page for page and CPM for CPM…

Google is in court a lot. It lost one on thumbnail images last week (see Paul’s write up), but it’s just the start of the process.

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6 thoughts on “More Catching Up

  1. Sal says:

    Hey John, a comment on Rich Skrenta’s search v.s. display ad CPMs. I guess in making his assumptions Rich has forgotten that Y! makes a good % of its revenue via diversified business (subscription fees / commerce…etc) – you got the point (probably he understated…something there)

  2. Jeff Clavier says:

    John> The Edgeio tag is actually “listing”, not “listings”.
    Hope all is well :-).

  3. Anony mous says:

    Edgeio is a neat idea but it’s not going to take over any craigslist or google base. One, to list you have to have a blog.

    Two, to list with Edgeio you have to claim your blog using the same weird drop code idea that Technorati uses. How many people outside the A, B list of bloggers wants to or has the technical skills to do so.

    Three, Craigslist is faster for local sales, where payment happens face to face with cash money.

    Four, have you ever tried to sell anything online outside of eBay? You will quickly learn that Ebay’s reputation listings and paypal guarantees make their fees worthwhile.

    Until Edgeio figures out a faster way to authenticate blogs, and the internet develops a decent identity reputation management system (SXIP, where are you?), Edgeio is just a neat idea.

  4. estimated that Yahoo made 0.4 cents per non-search page view in the last quarter of 2005.

    This is actually pretty good performance for non-search Web ads. For Q4 of 2001, I estimated that Yahoo only made 0.2 cents per page view, so they have doubled their ability to monitize their content traffic. (Doubling over 4 years is a 19% annualized growth rate.)

    On the other hand, during the first dot-com bubble, from 1998 to 2000, Yahoo made 0.4 cents per page view. (Some quarters they even made 0.5 cents.)

    Thus, a less favorable analysis is that we are simply experiencing Bubble 2.0 and that clueless big-company advertisers are back at (temporarily) overpaying for Web ads.

  5. Joe Hunkins says:

    Edgeio is a brilliant technical idea with brilliant backers and exceptional buzz and it will … fail.

    This is a company made in Silicon Valley by Silicon Valley for Silicon Valley and it simply won’t play in Peoria or even NYC.

    “Ma and Pa to sell that kitchenware all you have to do is tag your blogs!”

  6. Lee Rock says:

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