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Light Day

By - February 03, 2006

Traveling today, will catch up over the weekend. Headlines for your Friday morning:

It’s a trifecta in earnings – First Yahoo, then Google, now Amazon is down.

ValleyWag has launched. This is Nick Denton’s (Gawker) attempt to make the Valley worthy of public gossip. I’m not sure if the Valley is built with the same genes as Washington, LA, or NY. Should be interesting to watch.

Not content with just Google Video, CBS is going to sell its wares on its own site too.

ZoomInfo gets a people search patent.

Google’s infrastructure and index update, BigDaddy, explained.

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6 thoughts on “Light Day

  1. Bob says:

    It’s really not fair to lump Amazon in with the online ad merchants; they’re a retail store, and, while the most efficient and scalable retail store I’ve ever seen, still subject to material, stocking, shipping, and employment costs far greater than the *real* web companies have…

  2. TechBoard says:

    Yeah, Internet stocks are down, but partly because they are investing in a bright future going forwards. They are all piling money into Search, telephony, digital content marketplaces, greater interactivity and international expansion. Therefore earnings are down as they beef up costs.

    They should get their payback and the broadband Internet only gets bigger as cable and telco triple plays push it into every living room, as wireless takes it on the road and as it becomes ever more global.

    And the markets are kind of buying into it or they would have slammed the stocks much harder.

  3. patil says:


    After Kosmx, it’s now ZoomInfo. I am wondering if its posible for you to get Larry/Sergey’s recations on vertical engines ?

  4. With All the high tech – what is still NOT be accomplished is BETTER OVERALL RELEVANCY

    The bizzareness of this irony is that – even if you manage to chop a few milliseconds of the the time it takes for SERPS to be returned for a query, without high quality relevancy, it means nothing – because, you are still clicking and visiting the ranking Websites – and returning back to the SERPs, until you find the right match.

    Although it is the best GENERAL Search that is available, Google IS declining – no amount of esoteric tech and nice free features can mask this

  5. Burton Floyd says:

    We are striving for extreme local relevancy in our local search directory by bypassing city and zip entries.Instead, our “New Address Codes” put the local merchant on location and on the web with the same easy to remember address.