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5 thoughts on “I Was Wondering When This Would Happen

  1. John, can you share with us why you thought this acquisition would happen? I’ve been beta testing measuremap and I fail to see what’s so impressive about it other than in/outbound link tracking feature. Am I missing something that’s obvious to everyone?

  2. Well, sometimes you just have a hunch. It struck me that Google had analytics, and Yahoo might want to play there too. But I guess Google wanted Veen, the guy behind it.

  3. Yes John you said it right.Companies are getting acquired for people.I heard a joke that Disney brought Pixar for Steve Jobs. And this makes perfect sense to me any way..

  4. Why cant Google Analytics be improved so that code suitatble for Blogs can be inserted – what will this product add that analytics is NOT capable of doing or being developed to do…..

    Will both Technologies be combined to present a more versatile alternative….

    Ironically, if your Blog accepts JavaScript – the Google Analytics works very very well, giving tons of good information.

    There is one company that does offer Blog Trackers-
    – with just a slight modification in the JavaScript code that their Regular Web Tracker offers, it works on most Blogs 🙂

  5. Nir Ben-Dor says:

    Measure map integration is perhaps one of the biggest threats to privacy ever seen on the web.
    Why? Because your blog tells about you everything Google didn’t know yet.

    you can read more at Linkadelic Magazine