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Google, et al, Funds Fon

By - February 05, 2006

Google, Skype, and Sequoia, others, fund 21.7 million into FON. Will it work out?Glenn and Om has a take. So does Dirson. Glenn is skeptical. Speaking to Google’s supposed interest in blanketing the world with WiFi, he points out:

I argue strongly that Google will not become a Wi-Fi provider beyond San Francisco and Mountain View (at least not on any large scale) because their interest is high-margin businesses like advertising not low-margin ones like service provision.

Yes, but what if you need that distribution to run those high margin services over? More as the Superbowl buzz wears off.

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One thought on “Google, et al, Funds Fon

  1. Christian says:

    Is that eBay money? Probably not. Sounds like Niklas and Janus. its not the same!