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Friday Link Love

By - February 17, 2006 It’s a vertical search thing. (paidcontent) It’s in Kentucky (land of Fark and Bourbon), so I already like it. Has a model that pays “Featured Finders.”

Want to know how much content on an engine is sponsored v. organic? So did this academic.

The Amazon Music Player. (NYT)

Homemade kitty exhaust fan (just to see if you’re paying attention) (Make)

Matt M. groks Megite.

Guess what? Search is still growing and growing and growing! (SEW)

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One thought on “Friday Link Love

  1. I looked at the first two links and posted about the second one,,in my blog.

    There’s certainly a lot of interesting search technologies building on Web Services and Communities that are budding up everywhere. Maybe today I’m just noticing more posts about this on the Blogosphere.