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Click Fraud Raises Its Cyclical Head

By - February 02, 2006

When the press cycle is down on you, folks look to pile on. CNBC has discovered the click fraud story, for example, claiming that the SEC is looking into it. Or, well, rather….it’s “On their radar.” Well….actually….We need to be clear here: There is no formal or informal investigation of click fraud at any major search engine company, whether it’s Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. But with so much in the news, it’s only a matter of time.”

OK, wake me when the news actually breaks, guys.

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5 thoughts on “Click Fraud Raises Its Cyclical Head

  1. Todd says:

    Impressions are also frauded, and then there is the click/impression double fraud. (fraud click creates fraud impression) Is all of this just part of the “game”?

  2. OK, so who’s working on a revenue share-based search engine? That’s the only long-term solution, and also happens to be the best way to monetize search traffic.

  3. Todd says:

    will rev share based paid search fix our problems? no: partly because a lot of times there is no rev to share. ppc and cpm are two acronyms that are here to stay, imo. there will be many others though, i hope.

  4. Mark says:

    how you will start a click fraud investigation? start by the rev share-base could be a good start point or has anybody an other or better idea?

  5. In the Photoshop world there are countless sites that have AdSense displayed with small thumbnails next to them in a way to make it look like the ad is actually a tutorial to click on. I consider that click fraud, but reports to Google never result in any action against these sites. Seems to me Google should care more about this and review some of these sites and close their accounts. Because this problem is fixable – these are site owners collecting money for “trick” clicks, which everyone knows is against the TOS.