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By - February 06, 2006

From Chris Beasley’s post:

Amazon is apparently looking into the feasibility of starting their own ad network like Adsense. They’ve been contacting select members of their associates programs, including myself, asking if we’d like to be beta testers. The way they want the beta test to work is to give you a special code for Amazon’s Keywords Recommends banners (the banners that you feed a keyword to and they show related products) and have this special code then show these new ads 50% of the time.

When I first heard about this I thought it’d be Amazon product listings displayed in an Adsense-like way and I figured it’d analyze your content for for products to serve, but they’d be Amazon products. Turns out I was wrong, they want their own contextual advertising network.

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5 thoughts on “AmazonSense?

  1. Yeah. I noticed that too. I had google adsense ads for books about mobile technology on my mobile technology weblog. But sometimes these adds showed inventory for phones.

    At least you were asked about it.

    I contacted them about this and this is what I got in reply

    Greetings from Associates.

    We are currently running a test with some Recommends links. While we
    are running the test, 50% of the time the links will show products
    based on the Associate’s category and keyword, and 50% of the time
    it will show products related to the content of the Web page.

    If you want to be removed from this test, please use the link below
    to let us know.

    As always, please feel free to contact us should you have future
    questions or comments, and thanks for your continued interest in the
    Associates Program.

    Please visit the following link to provide the information we

    Best regards,

    Sunnie Associates Program

  2. LJ says:

    Must read article on Zacarias Moussaoui:,2933,183910,00.html

  3. Gopi says:

    An up start ppc network can never attract the CPC’s google and yahoo are enjoying, i am not sure how amazon can offer competitve CPC’s for publishers even if they have a 100% rev share?

  4. Andrien Zanier says:

    Hi John, great note there! Sounds like the boys at the forest/jungle, kosmix and snap are trying (stumbling) to catch up on stagnated time. I found a double word on one of the last lines that goes “your content for for products to serve” on this post, might wanna check that out. Congrats on your book, “A Busca” in my home country of Brazil! ParabĂ©ns!

  5. Joe Hunkins says:

    Grrrreat! There is a LOT of room at the table, and money ON the table, for more players. I simply have been floored by how long it has taken for serious competition to Google to materialize in the contextual ad space.

    Now that it’s finally (sort of) happening I also don’t understand why Google watchers aren’t worried about future earnings, let along earnings *growth*.

    Wanna steal a chunk of the search market? Start offering money to USERS for using your search tools to research and then purchase products they are going to buy.