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4 thoughts on “Yahoo Numbers: Good, Even Arguably Great, But…

  1. Thought you’d find it helpful to know that Yahoo’s entire conference call transcript is on the Internet Stock Blog, and if you look at the copyright info at the bottom you can quote up to 400 words from it as long as you link back. It’s at:

    Feel free to delete this comment when you’ve read it — I’m not trying to spam your blog!

  2. Michael says:

    John –
    Outside of the #s, what were your thoughts about what Terry Semel said on Yahoo’s conference call about attacking Google’s AdSense for Publishers?
    (Yahoo’s full conference call transcript is up on the Internet Stock Blog at .)

    It will be interesting to see if Google responds in their conference call. I actually, quoted a relevant piece (if you do not want to read the whole thing – although that is worthwhile) of the conference call on my blog (so that Om doesn’t get upset – the blurb at the bottom of the transcript allows you to quote up to 400 words as long as you link back. :))

  3. afinta says:

    I own YHOO and I publish for AdSense. I think Yahoo!’s efforts are way behind right now, but they have plenty of time to catch up. They need to improve the back end though – it is just easier to spend money on AdWords then with Yahoo!’s system. Consequently, G has more inventory to offer their AdSense publishers. I would like to see Semel make headway, it would be good for all parties.

  4. Richard says:

    Yahoo needs to improve the user interface of Yahoo Search Services. Compared to Google Adwords it’s a nightmare to use.