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What Is that Guy On About?

By - January 13, 2006

What happens when I try to give 300 or so folks at Google NY a straight answer about the future of Google? This. (Video of my talk at Google NY, which the Google video blog posted today).

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3 thoughts on “What Is that Guy On About?

  1. The Google audience appeared to enjoy the hour lecture – however, it would have been nice to get more of an oral history of the Search Engine Industry,… and to have more “Spontaneous” questions and answers and debating.

    One gets that sense that the very jovial Google Audience was too passive in exchanging ideas and opionions. Perhaps, it was being videotaped. Or perhaps they wanted to be “entertained”.

    In reference to Yahoo being more Business Centric about its releases – is their version of Google Labs.

    Overall, Yahoo is playing Catch-up – so perhaps, they are more obsessed with Numbers – but Google is allowing for more long-term and vertical centricity.

  2. Ed Kohler says:

    It certainly did come across as a room of relatively new sales people rather than engineers. It’s amazing how unfamiliar they seemed with some of their company’s features, including Zeitgeist.

    Great talk. I think they learned something from the outsider.

  3. Tina Laurberg says:

    (This is the translation of the Danish below) Web 2.0: “The Social Internet”
    In the old days it took months for grassroots news to get produced and distributed in a few hundred copies. With today’s “Web 2.0” you are practically present while the event takes place. An example: Author John Batelle holds an hour-long lecture in New York about his book “The Search” (about Google). It is filmed, put on Google Video, advertised in Google Video Blog (put on rss-feed) and all of this takes place more or less without cost and with a technology that is quite straight-forward! It can be done today, and it can be done by anyone.
    John Batelle’s lecture.

    Web 2.0: “det social internet”
    I gamle dage tog det måneder for græsrodsnyheder at blive produceret og distribueret i få hundrede eksemplarer. I nutidens ”Web 2.0” er man nærmest tilstede medens begivenhederne foregår. Eksempel: Forfatteren John Batelle holder et timelangt foredrag om sin bog ”The Search” (om Google) i New York. Det bliver videofilmet, lagt i Google Video, reklameret i Google Video Blog (bl.a. forsynet med rss-feed) og alt sammen foregår stort set uden omkostninger og med en teknik der er ganske enkel! Det kan gøres i dag, og det kan gøres af Gud og hvermand.
    John Batelles bogforedrag.