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4 thoughts on “So Much News

  1. ariel mcnichol says:

    totally unrelated, sorry, but i thought you may find this funny if you haven’t seen it:
    Under health news, there’s a pic of Michelle Malkin next to headline about braindamange teen
    “Doctors see hope for Haleigh: Battered child moved to rehab”

    Michelle Malkin…ms/ 200408110001

    Still there!

  2. What is the story behind the word “interstitial”? Google “define:” only has one entry. Is this an internet word?

  3. Markus says:

    I’m in the beta.. Looks like a direct attack on yahoo’s branded ad business. Yahoo is creating YPN and google is going after their Fortune 1000 brand advertisers. I can’t see this ending good for yahoo.

  4. B says:

    Well. This is no doubt evil, and very much so. This is distracting people from what they are looking for, this doesn’t help to organize the world information. Sounds like some deamon suddenly took over Google couple of mounths ago and sent them into every possible mistake they could make : Video Store, Toolkit, bad PR on books, etc. What has suddenly turn wrong with them?