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By - January 04, 2006

PodzingThis looks like a useful search engine for podcasting. From its FAQ:

PODZINGER takes search a step further by searching the spoken words inside the podcast in order to find more specific and relevant results. The text-based search results include snippets from the audio to help you figure out if the result is relevant. You can even click on the words to listen to the audio from that point.

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3 thoughts on “Podzinger

  1. Good find – they also allow internal Searching of your site’s Podcasts, with customized HTML code you can download.

    Just added it to Digg (technology) – It will be interesting to track the reviews from the new users giving input from around the world –

  2. Ken Lempit says: was first to offer a podcast search engine, and searches audio and video podcasts by the spoken word. As I write, podscope indexes roughly 30,000 more podcasts than PodZinger. It its Feb. 22, 2006 news release, Podzinger claims it is the first and only search engine to search for spoken words within a podcast. Not true. was launched nine months before Podzinger. Blinkx also provided podcast search prior to Podzinger. Fair disclosure – we represent Podscope and TVEyes Inc. for public relations.

  3. audibletype says:

    Here’s a similar service… is a web based voice recognition system. The system allows for transcription of audio and video files to search engine friendly text! The system will transcribe your audio or video file for you and provide time indexing so that you can quickly navigate trough the relevant data. Audibletype is also working on an open-api so that others can develop and build “widgets” to take full advantage of the technology and service. It also comes with tools so that you can make good use of your content. You can even send it back to your blog.

    Audibletype is currently inviting beta-testers to participate in our UI development phase. Check it out at