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News of the Day

By - January 17, 2006

Well, stuff that’s worth grokking:

Om on copyright and video. He’s got a point.

Google Talk is federating (Ie, cross platform).

A Yahoo exec exits for the wilds of the startup life (welcome!). Rob Solomon has joined SideStep as CEO.

Thomas Weisel Partner’s Internet Monthly: A field guide to the trends moving the Internet (PDF download). The headline: Internet Display Ads Could Be the Surprise of 2006

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3 thoughts on “News of the Day

  1. John –

    Don’t know Mr. Solomon. But, I know a lot of the folks over at SideStep having worked closely with them when I headed up They have a GREAT! company! Congrats to Rob for making a decision he won’t regret. (I’ll bet you a nickel they’re acquired soon… think IAC).


  2. John V. says:

    re: copyright and video on Google, YouTube, et. al, my understanding of the DMCA is that they are treated like common carriers and not liable…of course, doesnt mean that their content partners (Viacom, et. al.) wont get mighty irritated…

  3. Rob is a fantastic leader with a clear vision for strategy. Of all the people I reported to at Yahoo, he was my “boss” for the longest time. SideStep is in very good hands.