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New Site Feature

By - January 31, 2006

Hey Searchbloggers – Thanks to FM’s team of coders, I’ve installed a new feature, one I have always wanted to have. I’m calling it “Recent Comment Spotlight.” It’s up there on the left at the top. I read every single comment you all put on the site (including the ones left by knuckleheaded spammers,) and I love em all – and often, they get lost or overlooked. So to highlight one from time to time, I made the Spotlight section. Right now I’m highlighting a comment about MSFT and data privacy, but it’ll change pretty frequently.

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9 thoughts on “New Site Feature

  1. Ken says:

    The [go] link in the Recent Comment Spotlight is broken. It has an HTML

    tag in it.

  2. SorenG says:

    I like the addition, but I too found the link did not work. I still think John, there may be a way for users to also highlight areas/posts etc they like. But this is a good move.

  3. Damm. I’m on it…

  4. Richard Ball says:

    Nice. Many prominent bloggers aren’t interested in the comments of their readers. Very cool that you are, particular as web 2.0 is largely about user-generated content. Hmm, maybe here’s a tagline for your new web 2.0 conference: By the Users, For the Users

  5. This is a good idea – but taking it one step further – why not allow Trusted Members to start topics of their own – pre screened before appearing, of course?

    Also, unlike the Recent Comments, the name of the Commentor in the Recent Comment Spotlight is not visible.

  6. Fixed now, and also, SE Web, good input. Will add name of commentor. And look into topics as you suggest.

  7. SorenG says:

    I like the idea to list the person’s name; I am not as keen on trusted members starting threads. As I mentioned somewhere previously, I would like to see a topic of the week discussed, determined by users, with John (or someone hie chooses) starting it off. Let the users choose what issue that week is the “topic of the week.” That I think would be nice. Should not be that hard to set up.

  8. Todd Henley says:

    John, great feature, but the “go” link on that is still not working correctly.

  9. I put the wrong URL in – my error. Fixed it.