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Miva For Sale?

By - January 10, 2006

Miva, which plays in the second tier of PPC networks (it used to be called FindWhat), is “considering strategic alternatives.” I’ve heard a lot of scuttlebutt that Miva’s network is fraught with clickfraud and other traffic of not so great intent. I wonder how this will play out. The company does have pay per call technology as well. Release.

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4 thoughts on “Miva For Sale?

  1. Jason Bailey says:

    ‘fraught with clickfraud’ is putting it nicely…

    A beeter headline might be ‘Crooks seen running for hills’

    Most of the top execs including the CFO are either resigning or being fired.

  2. MIVA has been having problems for quite a while. The Yahoo/Overture lawsuit coupled with the ridiculous name change and a long history of poor traffic has brought this on.

  3. We have bid a few times for the keyword ‘real estate software’ on miva and have found that the fraudulant clicks are close to 100%. I am not convinced that management even wants to stop clickfraud. We have stopped bidding for that keywrord entierely and are considering dropping then as an advertising partner. There’s a few wthings that I have seen that make me wonder like:

    1. I have no way of throttling how many clicks per day or cost per day. Legitamite companies like googl and overture let me do that. With Miva, the fraudulant clicks happen all in bunches, so they drain your account before you even know what hit you.
    2. There’s no way to block certain IP’s or domains etc. I have identified a series of fraudulant web sites that are being used for this criminal activity, but there’t no way for me to lock those domains out. One would think that Miva would do this for me – but they don’t seem to care.

    Scott Schmitz
    RealOrganized, Inc.
    Organizational Software for Real Estate

  4. Mr. search engine says:

    Scott Schmitz. Every major ppc provider is fraught with fraud problems. That’s a fact of life. MIVA like every other player have people in place guarding against these activities. If you want to throttle the amount of click throughs you receive, don’t bid for a keyword or turn off auto-bid, it’s that simple. Why bother bidding if you don’t actually want the traffic. If your site was is up to scratch in terms of conversion, you’d be laughing all the way to the bank. I’m guessing that isn’t the case so chances are, going with any ppc provider would be a waste of money for you.