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By - January 25, 2006

Long week here in Searchblog land. And much, much happening. Here’s my roundup. I am working on longer posts on Google/China and Nexidia (an interesting phonetic search company) but running out of steam for today. FM, the company we’re building so that creating Searchblog-like sites is easier, is taking a lot of time right now, but I expect that to slow a bit later in the month. Meanwhile….

Andy finds an odd Googlebug. Seems to push IE users to download Google Desktop. More here.

Slate has fun with the Google/DOJ story – some good editorial cartoons. Click around (thanks Bill).

B2.0 names Google the smartest company this past year. But the company also is mentioned in the “Dumbest” category too.

Mary Meeker (MorganStanley) groks the DOJ implications. PDF download.

Google, Sun, others join “StopBadware” campaign.

Yahoo says, Are You Kidding? (In response to reports it has given up on catching Google).

The host of Xooglers gets busted for violating AdSense TOS. Oh, the wonderful irony.

TechCrunch has the scoop on new Windows Live services at MSFT’s search champ camp.Speaking of which, MSFT announced two new labs (via SEW) as well, one focused on Search…

YPN (Yahoo’s AdSense competitor) will be gearing up this Spring, here’s a list of how.

Brin defends his position on China.

Dan Gilmor learns in public, reminds us why we like him so much

BigDaddy (Google’s next big algo update?)

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