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Google News Outta Beta

By - January 23, 2006

Well, it’s finally happened. It’s only been four and a half years, but Google News is out of beta. They have new personalization widgets (see Greg’s take here), and some other features like story history and feeds.

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2 thoughts on “Google News Outta Beta

  1. Now the big question is: when will Google integrate Adwords / Adsense to monetize the heavy traffic?

    My guess is that it will happen pretty soon in a shared revenue mode: I guess that Google will share in the same way that they announces for Google Print / Books “….and your books will also earn revenue from contextual advertising – even if they are out of print…”


    Would you agree with me on this bet?


  2. Chester says:

    It seems that international versions did not follow (at least not Brazilian’s )

    Anyway, it is good to see things going out of beta in Google – with GMail beta, Orkut beta, Froogle beta and so on, the “beta” word gets a bit overused around Googleland…