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Google Going P2P?

By - January 31, 2006


Spotted on Digg: The URL resolves to Google ( also resolves to Google, though to a non working page.) Odd, in that ShareLive used to be a file sharing site. From the Internet Archive: August 2002, June 2004, (something called oZone), Feb 2005 (back to ShareLive). Nothing after March of 2005. It apparently shutdown in May of 2005, due to lack of funding (and probably legal issues?). Could Google be getting ready to launch its P2P service? (Thanks, Andreas)

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5 thoughts on “Google Going P2P?

  1. Terence Pua says:

    It looks like’s DNS servers are with, which has a very easy to use web forward/re-direct feature, so it is most likely that.

    Also, the registrar is, not the usual one ( that Google uses.

  2. Steve Bryant says:

    Interesting. I wrote a column about Google getting into P2P last month. Given how much they’re trying to embed software on your desktop (Google Pack and Lexar USB drives), and given that they’ve deployed Google Base to be a repository for information (and given the current upload method is a little rough around the edges), it only makes sense they would get into P2P. If nothing else, it would be another avenue around which to sell ads.

  3. Richard says:

    Thousands of websites resolve to Google, I think this is reading too much into it.

  4. patil says:

    So have you folks had a look at these domains ?
    All resolve to same IP address

    So how are these Non-Google domain names resolving to Google website ? Guess I have to go and attend Dr Im’s networking class again 😉

  5. These are some what bogus sites. Google always provide Google Email Address (if logged in) and other links at the top-right corner. These sites are not providing those.


    It may be a dirty trick by Google to get more traffic. Offcourse there is a brand damage here.