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By - January 04, 2006

Now, look. I’ve been to a lot of CES’s. I’m not there this time, but…. this is a big deal. You have three major CEOs/Founders – Gates, Semel, Page – duking it out to be the most spectacular, most important, most talked about (oh, and yeah, Dell, Otellini, Stringer…). Really cool.

So Gates started today. Semel is later in the week. Then Page Friday. All will make announcements, I am sure. Gates already did. All about search and entertainment. Scoble’s notes are here.

Update: Journal is reporting (via CMP) that Page will release a full throated, pay service video and a software bundle. I’ll have more to say on this Friday afternoon. WSJ link.

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2 thoughts on “CES

  1. Vegas Thornton says:

    While in Vegas Drop me a line. We’ll meet up for drinks at the foundation room

  2. You might be interested in checking out the CESCamp while you’re in vegas. is a wiki with all the details.