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And More Goog: Mobile Personal Homepage

By - January 12, 2006

Personalized Home

Now here’s something I just might start using right away, because, honestly, I hate my Treo, it promises so much, and delivers so little. Why? Because I am a mobile moron – it’s too much work to make it work right. Might Google help me with this? We’ll find out. Google today announced the Google Personalized Home for mobile devices. Carlo has more here.

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4 thoughts on “And More Goog: Mobile Personal Homepage

  1. John:

    People are growing tired of you promoting your book, and Google at this point.

    Get on with literary honesty.


  2. Dave says:

    For a great mobile portal, try’s product is skweezer: you go to on your mobile device and browse/search the web from there: skweezer compresses and optimizes the content for PDA formats, eliminates images, etc. Also supports POP3 email access, RSS, bookmarks, & more. Pretty well done.

  3. Globalhawk says:

    Hard to believe you don’t like the Treo 650. Have had 1 for two years and it is my second most important technology tool.

    Gmail is fantastic on the Treo. … However this new personalized Google home page is completely lame. Just as lame as the full online version. It does nothing to improve the experience. I can’t help but wonder if it is another sign that innovation at Google is slowing.

  4. Max says:

    Thanks, I thought the Treo was great until I started using it on a regular basis. Now I have a 3G Nokia and it does the trick. With Gmail and GOOG mobile portal, who needs push email and a Palm-OS newsreader?


    P.S. Andrew? Are you hearing this? Andrew! John hates his Treo!