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ABC News Tonight

By - January 20, 2006

ABC News will broadcast its news tonight from Google headquarters. This was planned well before the DOJ kerfluffle, though I imagine that news peg only helps. I find it intriguing that as a “news event” Google now ranks – alongside hurricanes, wars, and earthquakes – as worthy of having an entire newscast based on location.

ABC came to FM’s offices earlier this week to talk to me about the company. I have no idea if they will air anything, but FYI…set yer Tivos.

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7 thoughts on “ABC News Tonight

  1. Lee Wilkins says:

    John, you also made a special appearance on BBC2’s The Money Programme here in the UK….

  2. TechBoard says:

    I guess that’s gonna be the final straw for poor old Gates and Balmer. They just can’t catch a break. Whatever they do/announce Google just keeps hogging the airwaves.

    Oh, them and Apple of course. Will ABC News head to Disney next? Ooops, I guess Jobs isn’t quite Chairman yet!

  3. martin says:

    You looked and sounded good on World News Tonight. How does it feel to be THE ONE the network turned to?


  4. What is so ironic is that….

    Both AltaVista and Yahoo had giant head starts – and either one could have been in Google’s powerful shoes right now.

    oh…the fickle finger of fate…

  5. Am I cynical? says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I found ABC’s Google coverage yesterday to be pukingly condescending… towards the people who work there and the company as a whole. I literally wanted to slap the interviewer, whose cloying gee-whiz act was incredibly obnoxious and off-putting.

    What an embarrassment for ABC and for those Googlers who had the misfortune of being “interviewed.”

  6. Joe Hunkins says:

    ABC coverage was pretty bad – I got the idea the reporter was out of touch with internet realities. But good to see a bit with you John! I think you’ve clearly carved out your place as top expert Google watcher.

  7. xunleashed says:

    This is just another way google is getting their hands into every market that they can. And they are so successfull at it! What the market really needs is a little more competition from sites like google and others to help offset the mainstream media’s bias.