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Year End Clearance

By - December 27, 2005

Hope your holidays are going well, mine are keeping me away from posting, but here are a few tidbits worth hanging out there before the year closes:

– As we end 2005, recall the leaked document which put the number of Google AdWords customers at near 400,000, for what it’s worth.

– Yahoo released Travel APIs last week.

– Google foe Carl Icahn invested in

– I continue to enjoy reading Xooglers. This post is fun, and poignant.

– Buzzingo mashes up Google and Yahoo’s Buzz index. Clearly, we like pretty, well endowed girls.

Soonr connects your mobile phone to your desktop. Cool. But I can’t even make my f’ing Treo send mail, so it’ll be a while before I try this.

Gravee launched. The idea: Pay the folks who are in the index. I like the philosophy, not sure if it’ll fly….. But at least they are learning from all the input!

– SEW rounds up all the year end search lists, and the blogosphere as well.

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4 thoughts on “Year End Clearance

  1. chronika says:

    the informations about the leaked document are very interesting. best wishes for the new year and i hope we can get here the same good informations like this year – thanks – chronika

  2. Jeff Dalton says:

    Gravee has an interesting philosophy, but the implementation leaves room for improvement. The search result look OK, but no real improvement, as far as I can see. They claim to be using user click through data as an input to their ranking algorithm.

    I believe paying websites based on appearances in search results alone seems like a bad idea. Gravee payment is not based on user clicks — it’s based on views! In other words, my site doesn’t need to be perform to make money. It just has to be good enough to make it into the top 10 for a given keyword. A nice incentive to spam.

    It seems to me, that Gravee is more focused on their novel approach than their product — the search results. Not a healthy attitude.

    Still, I’m signing up. All aboard the Gravee train while it lasts!

  3. YHOO’s move plus GOOG’s Travel OneBox and aol’s charge with Kayak? Looks like the V2 online travel wars are about to begin in earnest. I’m going to get some popcorn…this will be fun to watch.

    – Stuart

  4. gerber says:

    “YHOO’s move plus GOOG’s Travel OneBox and aol’s charge with Kayak?”

    the wisdom are the future 😉