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USA Today Covers the Worm Turning Story

By - December 09, 2005

And quotes our dialog here to boot. From the piece:

Opponents long ago painted Wal-Mart, Microsoft and a handful of other behemoths into a rogue’s gallery of too-powerful corporations needing government restraint.

Now, a brash upstart with a “don’t be evil” mantra may soon join them: online search giant Google.

In just seven years, Google has emerged as one of the most influential companies of the 21st century, a multinational whose recent forays into classified ads, book publishing, video, Wi-Fi and telecom make its data empire ever more powerful. That’s pushing it into a growing buzz saw of competitors, such as Microsoft, and lawmakers worried about data privacy and protection.

“Google could easily become the poster child for a national public movement to regulate data collection,” says Jeff Chester, head of the Center for Digital Democracy, a privacy advocate…..

….Other observers wonder, too. Search engine expert John Battelle’s tech blog lit up with comments last week after New YorkMagazine reported a “seismic shift” in public sentiment, “from unalloyed Googlemania to gathering Googlephobia.”

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