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Search Numbers

By - December 14, 2005

As seen on Mediapost:

WEB USERS CONDUCTED MORE THAN 5.1 billion search queries in October–marking a 15 percent increase from June, according to a Nielsen//NetRatings report released Tuesday. Google maintained its leadership position, garnering 2.4 billion search requests, or almost half–48 percent–of all searches. Yahoo! accounted for 21.8 percent of all searches, followed by Microsoft’s MSN, which was responsible for 11.3 percent of search activity.

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2 thoughts on “Search Numbers

  1. shaunc says:

    Doesn’t that seem low? You suggested 250MM a day for Google a couple of weeks ago, and said it was an old number. What’s NN’s counting methodology? And who really knows how many queries Google, or anyone else, is processing?

  2. matt says:

    Here’s a table Danny Sullivan produced that showed Google at 250 million per day back in February 2003.
    I haven’t seen an update to this table — but clearly this doesn’t add up. Does anyone have accurate current numbers to share?