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Safa: Tipping Point, Ho

By - December 05, 2005

In a report called “The Tipping Point Is Approaching” Piper analyst Safa Rashtchy predicts that online advertising will hit $55 billion by 2010. The report (his “Silk Road” newsletter) is not up yet, but it will be soon.

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One thought on “Safa: Tipping Point, Ho

  1. Louis says:

    Piper J. seems to have a finger on a pulse, as far as tech companies…
    Reading your book, “Search”, confirmed me on my gutfeeling that, Google is a different breed altogether from what’s around, on rather simple fundamentals.
    Google might be visioning everything from creative(or academic side, or any other discription, it maybe..) without punching the calculater at every step, then of course, outcome of every venture & every step is so radically different from other companies.
    And, because industry peers are seeing and predicting from different viewpoint altogether, Gooles motivation, direction and results are so unpredictable & incomprehensible.
    In that sense, shift, not in outcome, but in origin, has already taken place…..
    Maybe I am going nuts, as I explain my viewpoint, nobody agrees or understands,,,hhhhh.
    Your thoughts?
    Am I nuts????