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Note to Bloglines Readers

By - December 21, 2005

There’s some kind of bug in Bloglines which causes all my prior posts to be marked as “unread” each time I post anew, Bloglines is aware of the problem and working on it. Very sorry about that….

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5 thoughts on “Note to Bloglines Readers

  1. Peter Caputa says:

    Are you sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the ads in your feeds?

  2. harry says:

    Sure, sure. And it just so happens that the first “sticky” post is your promotion of “The Search.”


  3. Ryan says:

    Funny, it was happening so often that I thought it was a feature. 😉

  4. Blind Beggar says:

    I use bloglines and have never had the problem.

  5. I have the problem with three feeds so far: Yours, Steve Rubel’s and the megafeed. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.