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MSN and eBay Mash It Up

By - December 05, 2005

A significant development, noted by SEW over the weekend.

Just in time for the holiday shopping season and interesting move from MS. You can now search MSN Shopping and find items up for auction or for sale on eBay and still get access to many of the refinements available on the actual eBay site.

Interesting how the landscape is shifting, first Yahoo and MSN hook up on IM, now eBay and MSN on shopping. Hmmmm.

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3 thoughts on “MSN and eBay Mash It Up

  1. Brock says:

    It’s a classic feature of growth industries that the first firms into the market have to “do it all”, because there’s no infrastructure to support them. When Henry Ford was inventing modern manufacturing he had to own the whole supply chain to make it work the way he needed it, from the iron mines to the ships, to the smelters, to his cars, and to his customers.

    As an industry matures this vertical integration is broken down to access the wider array of choice and innovation. Henry Ford eventually sold the ore and smelting business and concentrated on his cars.

    Likewise, E*Bay was forced to create both the back-end database, API platforms, and user interface. This is just another example of vertical integration, and there’s no economins reason why E*Bay’s database can’t do business with “user interface” companies other than the internal one.

  2. Jana says:

    You´re right but there are more reasons you have to been think about. Ebay is an e-commercial company and have to use the users to be one of the tops. If you need a structure you have to use a normal company like Ford. My conclusion is, there every time differences between e-commercial and normal companys.

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