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Mobile Search

By - December 29, 2005

Watch mobile this year, I swear, some interesting things are happening. I saw something this week that blew my mind, but can’t write about it for a little while. In any case, after grokking Medio, a mobile search client that federates many databases in one interface, SEW asks:

Will client software (remember, Google just launched a client for Google Maps) for mobile searching be a big story of the new year?

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Search

  1. Mike says:

    microsoft have for the free webspace service

    a special mobile version too. if you startet something to write in your blog, a second url generated for mobile access.

    i think in the year 2006 is the mobile bloging a good investigation.

  2. Very true – I think 2006 is going to be the year of mobile search and of content for small-screen devices (SSDs).

    You might want to check out what this GPS application:

    can do with our search engine, A2B:

    – Basic idea being you can search for websites associated with a location – either the position you get from GPS or by clicking on a map.
    – The software works on Windows, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 2003/2005
    – You can find some free maps here –
    – There’s also a free piece of GPS software without the maps at

    Cheers, Sam

  3. Allan says:

    mm.. need to buy new device gps.. 🙂