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Journal: MSFT and AOL near Pact

By - December 06, 2005

From the reg required story:

Time Warner Inc. is closing in on an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to build an online-advertising service designed to compete with Google Inc., say people familiar with the negotiations.

After months of on-again-off-again negotiations, the two companies are now focused on a deal that would combine advertising-related assets – with minimal, if any, money changing hands. An agreement is expected to be struck sometime before year-end, but it is still possible that AOL could choose instead to deepen its relationship with Google at Microsoft’s expense.

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3 thoughts on “Journal: MSFT and AOL near Pact

  1. Joe Hunkins says:

    I think this type of powerful alliance is great for publishers, providing Google Adsense and the budding Yahoo Publisher Network with some competition.

    John – do you see Federated media being able to step in with a stable of top flight sites/blogs that can command higher ad prices – or at least cut out the publisher middleman.coms?

  2. This may be a Good Selling point for AOL…

    But, it would be a Real :LOL if Aol decided to STAY with Google Organic SERPs and NOT use MSN Search Results – while partnering with them for PPC 😉

  3. Jet says:

    Microsoft and AOL marry their sick and ugly youngsters. Not pretty.