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Google New York

By - December 07, 2005

Just finished a book talk at Google New York, where more than 400 folks work (and more are coming in each day). The office is split between Ad Sales and Engineering, for the most part, as was the audience – about 200 or so were there. Again, I was struck by how open and conversational the group was, and eager to hear an outsider’s perspective. We spent some time on the privacy scenario, and got into a discussion of my proposed solution – that companies like Google give us access, editing, co-ownership, and notification of how our data is used (I have not written this up yet, but that’s the general idea).

We also talked – a lot – about the media industry, as one might expect given this town. Needless to say, the ongoing and seismic shifts in media business models is near and dear to the minds of that crowd.

Afterward I got to sign scores of books, and the Google library got one copy as well. My inscription? “Scan This Book!”

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14 thoughts on “Google New York

  1. Ironically, people DO have some influence…

    …JUST DELETE THEIR COOKIE(s) from the temporary Internet Files :LOL
    Or, change the Internet Settings NOT to accept the Google Cookie 😉

    Of course, for the REALLY private – you could Always Search Through an Online Proxy Service – that hides your IP.

    But in return for this privacy – we may be depriving Google of the info it needs to optimize their SERPs and market PPCs 😕

  2. Mike says:

    Scan the Book?! Stop the BookScan! it is time to stop this and save the jobs of bookstores and shops. if you can get all books online for free – we need no personal in a bookstore – sorry but my mom is seller of books in a large mall and no, thats not the correct way, read some sides are okay, but not all and this for free.

    the next is, that we can see AdSense from Google in eBooks – or ?! 🙂


  3. gary price says:

    They do need your book John. “The Search” remains unaccessible via Google Print.

    However, it’s been avail via Search Inside the Book since just about day one, if not before.

    and as i pointed out to you in a private email over 600 libraries now own your work.

    Of course, if your book became accessible via Google services like CustomizeGoogle are making it that you can print pages from Google Book Search.

  4. Matt says:

    Scan this Book?! You better than anyone know how much work goes into a book on the part of the author and the editor — how do you get paid if the book is essentially available for free? The security on the Google system is not very limiting though is probably mostly effective for long narrative such as yours — what would you do with cook books or computer books that are used a few pages at a time? Limiting the publishing industry to only those titles that could be supported by advertising sounds like the end of every book not currently on sale in an airport.


  5. SorenG says:

    I wonder how much allegiance Google employees feel to Google versus other companies. In NY, people are moving from job to job quite fast in my experience. But do employees at Google feel a deeper allegiance, and if so what might this be based on? Curious to hear your thoughts.

  6. Joe Hunkins says:

    “Scan this book” is not really a request – I’m sure John likes to get paid for his work – I think he’s alluding to Abby Hoffman’s “Steal this Book”.

    It’s a clever way of supporting the underlying philosophies of the books more than specific advice.

  7. Matt says:

    Note to Joe: Touche — I missed the reference. Note to John: I would love to hear your thoughts on how publishing works in an environment where your content has to be discoverable and linkable to be relevant yet needs to get paid for to be developed.

  8. Greg says:

    “My inscription? ‘Scan This Book!'”

    …and THEN burn it?

  9. @ greg … LOL/ROFL

    @ Soren … “I wonder how much allegiance Google employees feel to Google versus other companies.”

    the next one is a film … a google action film *g*

  10. Jana says:

    Well, it´s a good idea with scan this book, who makes sure wether it´s right or wrong, decide by yourself.

  11. Jane says:

    It isn´t right in the way that people can´t earn some money. They also have to live.

  12. Mary says:

    Think about the persons which haven´t so much money. Let them earn it and do not make the button scan it.

  13. i hope the privacy have more chances in future, and we all get not a bad awake in 10 years, how much google knows about us!